World Computer Marketplace (WCM)

Elacity’s World Computer Marketplace (WCM) is an innovation stack combining a range of technologies to deliver a completely unique and new digital economy based on our principles. Digital independence and free markets are key. By default, users must own their own identity to connect onto Elacity to enjoy data commerce. Progress;
✅ Decentralised Identity (SSI/DIDs) (W3C and DIF open standards), ✅ Verifiable Credentials (VCs) for building independent trust and reputation, ✅ InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) Integration ✅ Decentralised Web Nodes (DWN) / Data Vaults (DID-controlled data storage) ✅ Smart contracts | Rights (NFTs) and payments (blockchain governance) ✅ Permissionless Home Server hosting for backend services V1 ⌛ Digital Rights Management (DRM) enabled NFT assets and asset governance (learn more) ⌛ P2P communication for encrypted filesharing and social Elacity has a Cyber Republic DAO bounty available here once successful in its objective (separate from DRM bounty).
Web5 on Elacity
Verifiable Credentials
Smart contracts
Permissionless Home Server hosting