World Computer Marketplace (WCM)

Empowering individuals globally to own their online identity and business.
Join us as we lead the charge in creating a truly revolutionary digital economy with Elacity's World Computer Marketplace. Our commitment to digital independence and free markets sets us apart, providing users with unparalleled ownership of their own identity, on-chain and off-chain using the following technologies; ✅ Live now ⌛ In development
Decentralised Identity (SSI/DIDs) (W3C and DIF open standards) / Identity Verifiable Credentials (VCs) / Reputation and KYCInterPlanetary File System (IPFS) / Public Data StorageDecentralised Web Nodes (DWN) / Private Data Storage Artificial Intelligence / Data GenerationSmart contracts / ExchangeDigital Rights Management (DRM) / Encryption and Distribution (learn more) ⌛ P2P communication / Filesharing and Communication ⌛ Permissionless hosting / Personal Hosting
The Elacity World Computer Marketplace offers a unique and innovative platform for buying and selling items online. Our goal is to empower individuals globally to establish and run their own personal shops, independent of Ela.city, using our innovative peer-to-peer marketplace protocol, equipped with state-of-the-art tools.
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