Welcome to Elacity!

🌍 Empowering an inclusive revolution in the way digital content is accessed and traded through "The Access Economy”.
Ela.city delivers the "Access Economy" to Web3, a model emphasising the value and monetisation of access. We introduce 'Digital Capsules'—encrypted goods stored in decentralised networks with scarce, tradable access rights. This model enforces rights and royalties, empowering creators and organizations to monetise their digital assets directly through Elacity, a global, decentralised access marketplace. We combine blockchain governance with digital rights management (DRM) to make access to intellectual property (IP) scarce, identifiable, and tradable, setting the stage for global wealth creation.
“To own something is not only to have unrestricted access but also to have the right to grant or restrict access to others. Therefore, by enabling access, we exercise ownership, and by seeking access, we recognize and respect the ownership of others.” - Sasha Mitchell | Elacity Founder
Ela.city currently hosts a live NFT marketplace and a generative AI district for imagery. The access economy is in testnet, and version 1 (V1) for Video Capsules is scheduled for release in Q4 2023.
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