How to Setup Your Profile

1. Navigate to

2. Click "Enter City"

3. Log in using your wallet.

4. Click "My Shop"

5. Click "Edit"

6. Click the profile image and upload your image to IPFS.

7. Click the cover image and upload your banner to IPFS.

8. Click the "Alias" field and input your name.

9. Click the "Alias" field.

10. Click the "Email" field and add your email if you would like notifications.

11. Click the "Twitter", "Instagram" and "Discord" fields and input your socials if you would like others to find you externally.

12. Click the "Bio" field and input information about you or your shop.

13. Click "Save"

14. Click "Save" and sign the change on your wallet.

  1. Congratulations! Your profile will be updated to reflect your changes.

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