How to set up a MetaMask Wallet and Sign into Elacity

Step 1: Setting up a MetaMask Wallet

1. In your Desktop browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Brave) type and press enter.

2. Click "Download for (browser icon will show)" - *please note: Safari is not supported.

3. Proceed with Installation (1/4)

4. Proceed with Installation (2/4)

5. Proceed with Installation (3/4)

6. Proceed with Installation (4/4)

7. Once installed, click the extension button

8. Click the cog or pin icon

9. Pin to toolback

10. Now your browser shows the MetaMask 'Fox' icon - lets set up your wallet! First, click the Fox icon.

11. Agree to terms and click 'Create a new wallet'

12. Click 'I agree"

13. Create a password, confirm password and check "I understand that MetaMask cannot recover this..." box.

14. Click 'Create a new wallet'

15. Click "Secure my wallet"

16. Click "Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase". This will present a string of words. If you ever lost your wallet or laptop, you can download another wallet and use these recovery phrases to load your wallet again. Remember, your assets are on the blockchain, a wallet is just a means to access them, so these recovery phrases are unique to you and very important should anything happen to your device. Dont share with anyone and keep somewhere safe!

17. Click "copy to clipboard"

18. Go to Notes or a text application where you can save your phrases and paste them.

19. Click "Next" on MetaMask

20. Now fill in the missing phrases, checking against your 'Notes' where you pasted.

21. Once filled in, click 'Confirm'

22. Click "Got It" and congratulations! You have fully set up your Web3 Identity and Wallet. We will now configure to Elastos and Elacity.

Step 2: Adding Elastos Network to MetaMask and Logging in.

23. Now on your browser type Click "Enter"

24. Read through the terms, tick the box and click "Agree".

25. Click "Enter City" in the top right corner.

26. Click "MetaMask"

27. MetaMask will pop up, click next.

28. Click connect.

29. Click "Approve" to add the Elastos Network to your MetaMask wallet.

30. Click "Switch Network" to Switch to the newly added Elastos network.

31. Click "Sign" to log into an Elacity session.

32. Now, you need some ELA and gas to perform a transaction. Click "MetaMask" Fox icon.

Step 3: Sharing Wallet Address to recieve ELA Gas

33. Click the two squares by your address number (0x) in blue to copy your wallet.

34. Go to "Telegram" app.

35. Go to our Telegram group

36. Paste the address and click enter. I will next send you ELA and we will then proceed into step two of buying a dDRM Video! Congratulations, you have a Web3 wallet and are connected to Elastos. Signing in to Elacity from here on will be easy now these set-up steps are complete.

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