Access Economy Protocol Progress

✅ Completed Tasks

Decentralised Log-in
Integration of Metamask, WalletConnect, and Essentials SuperWallet to facilitate blockchain interactions with identity, reputation, and data storage solutions.
DRM System
Encrypted video content management. EVM-compatible DRM smart contracts with NFT access, distribution and royalty rights and instant payments.
An EVM-compatible exchange with features for trading Access rights and issuing licences to decrypt capsules for playback.
A secure protocol for encrypting and delivering license keys for rights holders from the blockchain, enabling the decryption of video capsules.
Runtime Player
A secure execution environment for decrypting digital capsules on the user's device. It receives licences from the blockchain through CapsuleConnect and communicates directly with the digital capsule's decentralised storage location.
IPFS Storage
Decentralised storage solutions for encrypted Video Capsules.
Support for various cryptocurrencies (USDC, ELA, ETH, etc.) with a 2% transaction fee as the revenue model.
Business Model
5% on all transactions with 3% Affliate onboarding link.

⏳ Next Tasks 2023/2024

Planned Tasks
Launch Technology
Video Capsule Marketplace and Access Economy v1
Runtime Player
Broaden playback scope to support music, documents, gaming and software.
DRM System
Enable more business models beyond Buy Now and Resell to Rental, PPV, Subscription and Advertising.
IPFS Storage
Implement third-party hosting with external partners.
Initiate fiat gateway and delivery service for fiat capsule purchases.