SmartWeb Infrastructure

A city built to last.

Elacity needs infrastructure to accommodate a standard of living for its citizens and for an economy to prosper. Transportation systems, communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems tend to be capital-intensive and high-cost investments, vital to a city's economic development and prosperity. The Elastos SmartWeb is the world’s leading provider of open-source solutions, combining both Web3 and Web5 technologies with over 5 years and $80 million in infrastructure development. - Decentralised Identifiers (Identity / DID) - Decentralised Storage (Data Vault) - Smart contracts (Agreements) - Blockchain agnostic (BSC, Polygon, Ethereum, Cosmos) - Peer-to-Peer Network (Communication). - Governance (DID-powered DAO incorporated in Deleware) Elacity is underpinned by these technologies. Whilst you can use a standard Web3 wallet, you can enjoy the SmartWeb on Elacity, wrapped up into seed phrases only you own through the Essentials Superwallet.​