Flint AI District

​Flint is where sparks are made, offering the first-ever AI studio which lets users purchase GPU processing time with cryptocurrency wallets, run generative AI models and mint data to blockchains and/or save to decentralised Web5 data vaults. Connect in, generate data, disconnect.
Users today can enjoy Stable Diffusion v1.5 as the first model available on Elacity, inputting text into a search bar and generating unique outputs within 7 seconds. You can additionally upscale outputs by a factor of 8. Bella NFT holders can enjoy a 28% discount when purchasing time. We plan to offer more models and grow with the AI economy.
Elacity is committed to data ownership and being non-custodial, integrating decentralised file storage. 1) Sign in with your Essentials Super Wallet, connecting your data vault to Elacity. 2) Pay for GPU with stablecoins on your preferred Web3 network (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Elastos Smart Chain, Polygon or EVMOS) 3) Enjoy Flint AI and your outputs will automatically be saved to your Web5-controlled personal data vault. When you disconnect from Elacity, you take your data with you. When you connect in, you spawn your data.