Elastos Essentials
The Official Elastos App
Essentials wallet is the ecosystem wallet of Elastos! Benefits of using include;
  • Manage crypto assets,
  • Automatic Digital Identifier (DID) generation,
  • Decentralised storage,
  • Sign-in to Elacity via Walletconnect using your mobile on any given desktop computer.
  • Explore Elacity as a dApp internally.
  • Immediate access to numerous other preconfigured networks (Elastos, Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Heco, etc) and dApps.

Step 1 - Download Essentials

β€ŽElastos Essentials
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Elastos Essentials – Apps on Google Play

Setting up Essentials

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Step 1 - Download Essentials
Setting up Essentials