Flint AI

💡 Leveraging AI as an Access Catalyst
AI is poised to turbocharge the Access Economy, interfacing with smart contracts and blockchain data to foster a truly open market and exchange system.
Elacity's Access Economy operates as an open protocol, supplying APIs for external usage in addition to our platform experience. Elacity can be transformed into a personalized assistant that retrieves and presents data, assets, and appropriate support at the user's command, significantly addressing the user experience challenges in Web3.

🌈 An Inclusive Vision for AI Co-Training

Our capsule vision incorporates AI to facilitate not just content creation but also encourage co-training within the Access Economy. This creates a future where trusted professionals collectively train AI and launch capsules which can be added to Flint. In such a landscape, royalties are continuously distributed to all contributors and traded on open markets, democratizing AI and expanding income opportunities.
🚶‍♂️ Walkthrough
Expressing the Potential with Flint: Flint v1 sparks the imagination, enabling users with decentralized identities to generate image assets, buy GPU time with cryptocurrencies, and save outputs in decentralized vaults. It further enhances user experience by facilitating the minting and trading of data through an integrated portal.