🧑‍👧‍👦 Secure KYC & Commerce for a User-owned Access Economy
Creating a user-centric access economy requires the construction of a secure trade environment, integrating robust KYC measures for parental controls, age restrictions, and legal compliance.
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Elacity's platform globally implements both social and KYC verifiable credentials using Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) technology for Digital Identities, represented by blue and green ticks.
Add credentials to user's digital identity (DID).
Shop with social credential blue tick, with confirmed Twitter handle below to learn more about the seller
KYC-me Verification Issuance
Twitter Credentials Issuance
Discord Credentials Issuance
Email credentials enable sales notifications and buyer communication.

📑 Compliance and Ownership in the Access Economy

This technology allows for dynamic credential procurement and access provision based on owner preferences, such as age verification for accessing specific content. Additionally, the platform ensures compliance with regional laws for certain royalties or investment purchases, even evolving into off-chain access keys or proofs of ownership, thereby expanding user-owned identity solutions.
As the Access Economy evolves, credentials could further serve as a gateway to a wide range of possibilities, ultimately centralizing control around the user.
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