Digital Capsules

🖥️ Enabling an Inclusive Digital Future.
📡 Video Capsule NFTs Walkthrough
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Elacity Advisor, Dr. Xin Wang showcasing Elacity DRM to Sony at MPEG 140, Germany, Mainz, 2022-10-28

🛡️ Securing Intellectual Property

Welcome to an era of data monetisation for the decentralised internet! Imagine an environment where experiences from media, AI, gaming, software, and beyond are securely encrypted and packaged into decentralized applications called 'digital capsules'. But what are these digital capsules? They're like digital containers that can move peer-to-peer and hold various forms of content, requiring access tokens to unlock and explore.

🔐 Access Tokens: Unlocking Capsules

Access Tokens are special non-fungible tokens (NFTs), scarcely issued onto selected Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains, each with specific digital capsule decryption rights embedded within. They're akin to the keys of a house, which can be traded peer-to-peer across the world using Elacity.
🧾 Access Tokens Rights
What can you do with these 'access tokens'?
  • 💰 Buy media
  • 🔄 Buy media outright with resell (with set percentage)
  • 📆 Rent media
  • 🎟️ Pay-per-view (PPV)
  • 📥 Subscribe
  • 🆓 Free access (optionally advertisement-supported)
Elacity has uniquely integrated Digital Rights Management (DRM) with NFT technology, revolutionizing how access is traded and royalty distribution is distributed.

🛂 Redefining Security - Video Capsules as our first use case

🔗 CapsuleConnect
🖥️ DMA Player
Our custom-built 'CapsuleConnect' protocol lets owners fetch license keys directly from the blockchain using access token rights, enabling isolated capsule decryption via WebAssembly (WASM). Our approach democratizes Digital Rights Management (DRM) by eliminating the need for centralized license server issuance and its associated costs. It provides users with a free, private, and secure method to decrypt capsule content directly in just seconds, without exposing the licence key.
Collaborating with 'CapsuleConnect', we're transforming digital rights management with our WASM-powered Decentralized Media Access (DMA) Player. Access Token holders fetch license keys from the blockchain and enjoy secure, isolated decryption and playback of digital content. This Web3 solution, using access tokens, revolutionizes how we protect and enjoy intellectual property, reshaping Digital Rights Management entirely.

🫰 Redefining Royalties with Capsules

Creators, publishers, distributors, and investors designate their royalty shares when issuing a capsule. When an access token is traded, the transaction immediately triggers the distribution of royalties, which are streamed directly to the wallets of all these original stakeholders. This concept revolutionises compensation, eliminating the need for middlemen who traditionally distribute royalties in monthly blocks based on estimates and require fees.

🤝 Inclusive Benefits for Consumers

Moreover, purchasing capsules offers perks for consumers. Not only can you enjoy the content or service, but you also benefit from the right to a percentage of resale royalties. This means you can buy limited access, resell it, and earn a specific percentage from the sale, delivering an inclusive digital future for all.
Resale revolution! When you buy a song from iTunes or a movie from Amazon, can you resell it afterwards like you could a physical copy? We're introducing a system that allows exactly that through our access economy model, and one where everyone immediately gets paid.

☁️ Hosting and Access

Digital Capsules can be publically hosted by creators or downloaded privately by consumers into private data vaults, facilitating non-custodial data ownership. The access tokens, similar to cryptocurrencies, are stored in a user's decentralized wallet and must be purchased on open markets. No token, no access.
📂 IPFS Media
🛒 Buying Access
🤝 Reselling Access
🐝 Private IPFS storage
Digital Capsules are stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized, peer-to-peer file storage network, enabling fast, secure, and robust access to data across the internet.

✨ Capsule Opportunities - The Big Picture

Imagine a world where creators and IP holders globally control, distribute, and monetize their creations; where consumers truly own and resell their purchased assets like scarce goods; where each transaction benefits all parties; and where both access to digital goods and their retrospective royalties can all be inclusively traded on open markets. The possibilities with capsules are vast and include:
  • ▶️ Media: Audio, video, images, podcasts, virtual art, and holographic content.
  • 🧠 AI and Machine Learning: Ownership and trade of generated content, personalized AI assistants, incentivized co-training, and decision-making models.
  • 🎮 Gaming and Metaverse Assets: Tradable game assets, metaverse land environments, characters, skins, custom game mechanics, and exclusive in-game events.
  • 📂 Software, eBooks, and Digital Libraries: Applications, operating systems, digital books, research papers, and multimedia educational resources.
  • 🖨️ Intellectual Property and 3D Printing: Protection and monetization of 3D assets, creations, patents, blueprints, customizable 3D designs, and prototype models.
  • 🚦 IoT, Smart City, and Automation: User control over smart homes, robotic services, diverse devices, city infrastructure data, traffic control systems, public safety, and utilities management.
  • 🎓 Education and Immersive Experiences: Tokenized access to online education, direct creator revenue, VR/AR experiences, and democratised immersive learning.
  • 🌳 Data and Sustainability: This includes environmental climate data, conservation efforts, sustainable resource management, personal health records, medical research data, and disease tracking.
  • 🏘️ Real Estate, Access, and Financial Services: Covers tokenized property assets, IoT-enabled building access systems, financial contracts, decentralized banking, tokenized assets, and investment opportunities.
  • 🏛️ Government, Civic, and Public Services: Encompasses secure voting systems, public service records, municipal data, civic engagement platforms, supply chain tracking, and public transportation systems.
  • 🌾 Agriculture, Energy, and Resource Management: Includes crop yield data, livestock health records, energy production and consumption data, renewable energy certificates, and decentralized energy grid management.
  • 🛫 Tourism, Travel, and Logistics: Involves booking information, virtual tour guides, location-based experiences, autonomous vehicle data, and delivery services.
Our technology is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM) and supports ▶️ video capsule streaming today in testnet. We work alongside MPEG to support setting a new global standard for Digital Rights Management in Web3 using our Capsule innovation.