Access Economy

🤝 Trade access. Fair, efficient, and free markets for all.

💡 Freeing Creativity

Today's centralized web platforms often stifle creativity, taking control over creators' identities and limiting their revenue options. This model can lead to a creative heist, where the true value of creative output is hijacked. We envision a paradigm shift that frees creativity and gives back control to the creators themselves.
Through a decentralized environment, creators own their identities, retain intellectual property rights, and directly protect and monetize content in a global marketplace. This new landscape, built on SmartWeb technology, is what we call the Access Economy. It's an inclusive, fair model that brings freedom, empowerment, and worldwide reach.
Elacity is more than a platform; it's a revolutionary ecosystem that values creators, fosters innovation, and promotes inclusive economics. By unlocking creativity, we are reshaping the future of digital content creation and distribution.

​🚪 Introduction to the Access Economy

Elacity's 'Access Economy' puts users in the driver's seat. In simple terms, the Access Economy is a digital environment that empowers users to control and benefit from their data, a monetisation layer. This user-centric model fosters community participation, ethical trade, and open markets.
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The Access Economy's first application is a video-sharing platform that features decentralised storage, versatile business models, direct royalty streaming, tradeable access keys, and revenue generation methods, paving the way for online Internet Capitalism. Learn more at Capsules.

​📜 Six Principles that define our Access Economy

  • 📊 Open Markets and Exchange: This involves the creation of a new form of 'Internet capitalism' that thrives on removing barriers to communication and trade, fostering a decentralized economy.
  • 🔒 Users Control Their Identity: In the Access Economy, users retake control of their digital identities and reassert their economic independence, facilitated by Web3's approach to Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).
  • 🔏 Users Own Their Content: Ownership of data is a definitive benefit of the Access Economy. It enables users to decide how to monetize their data and distribute its economic benefits.
  • 👥 Community and Inclusive Economics: The Access Economy promotes a community-driven system where the economic benefits of content can be shared. It also enables the tracking and allocation of digital rights to content owners across the Web3 ecosystem.
  • ​🪄 AI as a Driver for Access: AI has the potential to supercharge the Access Economy by interacting with smart contracts and blockchain metadata, creating a truly open market and system of exchange.
  • ⚖️ New Ethics for The Access Economy: As the Access Economy has the potential to be abused, like Web2, there's a need for a new set of ethics that balances economic freedom with systems for protecting rights.

​💊 Turning Vision into Reality

Interested in the Access Economy? Dive into the concept of 'Digital Capsules', our key mechanism that brings this vision to reality. Digital Capsules transform the Access Economy from an idea into a tangible reality, jointly shaping the future of digital commerce.