The Access Economy

The Access economy empowers users and businesses to control their online identity and assets through encrypted data vaults. NFTs with specific access rights can be issued and traded, with royalties streamed to all stakeholders on every transaction. This creates free markets for all, freeing creators from centralized platforms and increasing revenue opportunities from 45-65% to 95%+. The result is an inclusive digital economy accessible to everyone. In an environment where the user owns their identity and assets, Web3 ethics is paramount.
3D Assets
✅ Live now ⌛ In development
Decentralised Identity (SSI/DIDs) (W3C and DIF open standards) / Identity Verifiable Credentials (VCs) / Reputation and KYCInterPlanetary File System (IPFS) / Public Data StorageDecentralised Web Nodes (DWN) / Private Data Storage Artificial Intelligence / Data GenerationSmart contracts / ExchangeDigital Rights Management (DRM) / Encryption and Distribution (learn more) ⌛ P2P communication / Filesharing and Communication ⌛ Permissionless hosting / Personal IPFS Hosting
Our goal is to empower individuals globally to establish and run their own personal shops, using our innovative peer-to-peer marketplace protocol, equipped with state-of-the-art tools .