Elacity has no ERC-20 token or equity commitments to date. We welcome business conversations with those who believe and can help us accelerate our vision. Elacity is underpinned by two live business models. Business Models 1) 2% transaction fees on every trade that takes place on Elacity, automated with smart contracts. 2) GPU + Storage solutions for AI and Web3 users. 3) Distributor royalties: royalties on DRM-minted NFT assets 4) Decentralised File Storage: Storage node services for decentralised identities 5) DRM-powered Advertising: businesses can advertise products or services on Elacity through banner ads or sponsored content 6) Licensing: offering licenses to businesses or developers who want to use Elacity's technology or infrastructure in their own products or services 7) Selling assets: using Elacity's brand, story and NFT technology to create and sell unique digital assets, such as collectables, artwork, or virtual real estate
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