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You are an Elanaut. Elanauts are citizens of Elacity empowered by data ownership and online independence. Flint is the main protagonist.


Bella represents the spirit of Web3 and is our mascot. Upon her arrival home, 500 Bella NFTs were scattered across the city.
Bella and Elanaut

Flint was a curious young Elanaut who lived in the protected city of Elacity. Despite all the amenities and freedoms he enjoyed, Flint yearned to see what lay beyond the city's walls. So, he made the bold decision to leave Elacity and explore the unknown. His friends and family tried to discourage him, warning of the dangers that lurked outside the city. But Flint was determined to see the world for himself. And so, he set off on his journey, leaving Guardians Gate and the safety of Elacity behind.

As he ventured into the unknown, Flint met Bella, a baby elephant who had been orphaned after poachers killed her parents for their tusks. Bella quickly became Flint's companion and together, they set out to rescue her from the unknown. Along the way, Flint faced many challenges and met both allies and enemies. He had to use all his wit and strength to overcome these obstacles and protect Bella. As they journeyed deeper into the unknown, Flint and Bella learned of the many other souls who were being taken advantage of by the cruel poachers. Determined to rescue them all, Flint and Bella set out on a mission to defeat the villains and free their captives.
After a fierce battle, Flint and Bella emerged victorious. They returned to Elacity as heroes, hailed by Elanauts for their bravery and selflessness. Flint had learned valuable lessons about trust, courage, and the power of friendship. Grateful for the opportunity to have had such an extraordinary adventure, Flint returned to his ordinary life in Elacity with a newfound appreciation for the city and its values. He used the lessons he had learned on his journey alongside Bella to help Elacity expand and make it an even better place for all its growing citizens. Together, they spread awareness about the dangers of poaching and the importance of independence, freedom, and private property.


A large part of building a prosperous digital economy involves allowing;
  • Private property,
  • A system of market and prices,
  • Freedom of choice,
  • The motive of self-interest,
  • Competition,
  • Limited government,

Elacity Development Timeline

  • Elacity vision developed in 2018, shared with the Elastos SmartWeb community
  • POC for Web3 domain NFT purchases with cryptocurrencies presented to the Cyber Republic DAO in 2021, but funding denied
  • Elacity grant gifted by supporter Feng Han after funding denial
  • Elacity launched V1 on ESC, a small EVM-compatible smart chain on Elastos where 500 unique Bella NFTs sold out within 48 hours in December 2021
  • Elacity became world's first "Web5" marketplace with the integration of decentralised identifiers, data vaults, and verifiable credentials in May 2022
  • Elacity received grant support for combining Digital Rights Management (DRM) with a Web3 NFT system in September 2022
  • Elacity hosted over 5,000 digital assets and 1,000 user shops by October 2022
  • Elacity opened Flint AI district in November 2022
First concept
Cyber Republic DAO Proposal 1
Elacity goes live
CRC proposal 2
DIDs/Data Vaults
Verifiable Credentials
CRC Propsal 3
Elacity grows
Flint AI
2018 - Elacity first conceived
2019 - Mockups drawn and shared with Elastos community
2021 Sept - Team formed and first POC created for Web3 domain NFT purchases with crypto
2021 Oct - POC presented to Cyber Republic DAO for a $50k grant and denied by one vote
2021 Dec - Elacity forks Artion Web3 NFT Marketplace and deploys offers, buy now and auction on Elastos Smart Chain (ESC)
2022 Jan - Elacity is officially launched with 500 unique Bella NFTs selling out within 48 hours
2022 April - The Elacity Web5 exchange vision is presented to the Cyber Republic DAO requesting 25,000 ELA bounty if successful. The proposal passes
2022 May - Elacity integrates Web5 Digital Identifier (DID) and Decentralised Data Vaults (HIVE), innovating how the platform and users can manage off-chain and on-chain data. UI updated
2022 June - Web5 Verifiable credentials (VCs) are added for DID users, gaining a blue tick for socials and green for KYC
2022 Sept - Elacity presents a vision to incorporate DRM with an Web3 NFT system to the Cyber Republic DAO, requesting a 39954ELA bounty. The proposal passes with a 12/12 consensus.
2022 Oct - Elacity grows, hosting over 5000 digital assets and 1000 user shops