Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Trade access.
DRM and NFTs are important innovations in the digital economy, DRM helps protect content creators' assets and ensure proper distribution of payments to stakeholders involved in production whilst NFTs act as trusted keys to unlock and access this content, enabling users to trade access rather than tokens. This shift towards NFTs allows for the creation of a new market and a user-owned digital economy, where data rights and ownership are enforced in Web3.
Core Value - Monetise digital content more effectively (stream payments) - Protects digital content (encryption) - Maintains right to ownership - Simplifies third-party partnerships - Aids in compliance with regional laws Business Models - Buying media outright - Renting - Pay-per-view (PPV) - Subscription models - Advertisement-supported assets
Application Examples - Media = audio, video, images - Metaverse = 3D assets - Software = games, operating systems, applications - Documents = statements, financial records, IP assets, patents, blueprints, policies - IoT = lightbulbs, automobiles, 3D printing, kitchen appliances, locks - eBooks = online libraries, stores, subscriptions
With our demo currently in testnet, we're transforming conventional DRM agreements into smart contracts, providing a win-win solution for content creators and IP-holding organizations through unlocking new Web3 markets for all. We expect to go live with Elacity DRM V1 for video in mid-2023, before expanding into more exciting assets!
DRM Portal
POC showcase
Elacity Advisor, Dr. Xin Wang showcasing Elacity DRM to Sony at MPEG 14, Germany, Mainz, 2022-10-28