Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Trade access. Fair, efficient, and free markets for all.
Elacity's Access Economy utilizes DRM & NFTs for encryption and fair payment distribution to content production stakeholders. User issues Access Token NFTs unlock user-controlled content, creating a new Web3 access economy. Smart contracts stream royalty payments to all stakeholders set (such as creator, publisher, distributor and investors) on every transaction, with creators also setting % royalties for buyer resale. Elacity offers fair and efficient markets for all.
Elacity minted 8 billion (global population) DRM-powered NFT Access Tokens on Elastos SmartWeb EVM testnet for $0.003cent in less than 5 seconds with embedded re-sell rights & royalties.
Core Value - Monetise digital content more effectively (stream payments) - Protects digital content (encryption) - Maintains right to ownership - Simplifies third-party partnerships - Aids in compliance with regional laws Business Models - Buying media outright and reselling - Renting - Pay-per-view (PPV) - Subscription models - Advertisement-supported assets
Application Examples - Media = audio, video, images - Metaverse = 3D assets - Software = games, operating systems, applications - Documents = statements, financial records, IP assets, patents, blueprints, policies - IoT = lightbulbs, automobiles, 3D printing, kitchen appliances, locks - eBooks = online libraries, stores, subscriptions
Access Economy in testnet
POC showcase
Elacity Advisor, Dr. Xin Wang showcasing Elacity DRM to Sony at MPEG 14, Germany, Mainz, 2022-10-28