Welcome to Elacity!

A digital economy you can participate in and own.
Elacity is a Cloud City platform for digital asset creation, management and distribution that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Rights Management (DRM) and SmartWeb (Web3+Web5) technology. We don’t hold your data, we build districts that facilitate your digital obligations. From followers to assets, what you build is yours, our job is to connect you with others and deliver a user-owned decentralized web. Today, we are building at https://ela.city/.
Our first flagship product is delivering the World Computer Marketplace (WCM), underpinning Elacity with trade and a strong foundation for districts to emerge. Elacity is one year old, operational and continuously being updated. Elacity does not have any ERC-20 token or equity commitments to date. Elacity welcomes business conversations with those who believe and can help accelerate our vision.
Core components
Elacity Web5
Digital Independence
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