Energy in Elacity

GPU payments

Elacity accepts USDT and USDC payments for AI from multiple chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC). Users will pay for gas in the chosen chain's native currency. For example, if purchasing GPU time on BSC, users will pay for gas with BNB.

Trading NFTs

NFT trading is only available on the Elastos Smart Chain today. ELA is the fuel in Elacity for powering miner transaction fees. The easiest route to get ELA is to use KuCoin or Gate.io to purchase ELA and withdraw it directly to your wallet connected to Elastos Smart Chain (ESC). Essentials Super Wallet users will have the ESC network available by default on download. For Metamask users, simply visit Elacity, click connect and you can auto-add the ESC network. Alternatively to using a centralised exchange, you can bridge assets from ELK Finance from over 20+ chains or use Glide Finance's bridge.