🏦 Elacity Invites Equity Discussions:

Elacity LLC, a profit-oriented company, supported by grants and contributions, now welcomes seed equity discussions with potential investors.
Elacity Business Models
🏧 2% Transaction Fees
Elacity automates 2% transaction fees via smart contracts.
👑 Distributor Royalties
Elacity enables royalty earnings on Data Capsules
🧠 Flint AI GPU + Storage
We provide Web3 users with GPU processing and capsule storage solutions.
🏛️ Licensing
Elacity can licenses its IP and tech for service expansion.
🏷️ Selling Assets
Utilize Elacity's brand and technology to create unique digital assets.

🐘 The Bella Series NFTs

🔍 About
🖼️ Examples
Bella serves as our mascot. In January 2022, Elacity introduced 500 Bella NFTs on the Elastos Smart Chain, which represent a limited collection of Elacity-issued art pieces. The scarcity of these NFTs is assured by the Bella smart contract. Bella holders enjoy perks including a 28% discount on Flint AI GPU costs, with plans for further access benefits in the future.
Purchase your Bella here.
Purchase your Bella here.

🚀 Web3 Transition: Elacity's Access Economy Offers Opportunities for All

Upon launching our Access Economy initiative, individuals gain the autonomy to secure assets under the governance of blockchain law. Those contributing assets or respective networks can reap considerable long-term rewards from participation in royalty-based contracts. Consequently, participants earn a share of the income from every trade, streamed directly to their wallets. This approach provides individuals with the opportunity to independently seize opportunities.
Incorporate numerous stakeholders, from creators to investors, in your smart contract to receive royalties.
Elacity eases this transition with a traditional contract to EVM contract conversion solution, promoting legacy assets to flow into Web3 markets.
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